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A digital marketing and web design agency in Osaka and Kobe ,japan.

Web design

Creating a Website in Japanese

$ 500 US dollars~ to create a Japanese Website

Creating Online store in Japanese

$ 700 US dollars~ to create online stores
Would you like to sell your items to Japanese people? If yes, we can help you to sell things in Japanese.

As you know, these days, many people buy things online. Japanese people might be the same as your country's people. The people are getting used to buying a thing at online stores.

When you start to sell your items for Japanese online, You have to consider about how to sell / show your items
to attract people.
There two types of online stores feature. One is the selling cheap things, and another one is selling valuable items.

If you sell a thing cheaply online, the making of organization selling many things efficiently is necessary.

If you are a product maker, it is necessary for you to convey good quality and that this product is it in value how by a photograph, an animation, a letter.

We advise how to sell/ show online to Japanese and create online store of your company.

If you have already been selling things in English online store, I can localize it.

The price to create your online store is depends on how much items, how difficult to create.

When you have an inquiry, tell me the budget of create online store, your items and the sell price, how you'd like to sell your items.

SEO in Japanese

$ 200 US dollars~ (per month)

Localize your English Website to Japanese one.

$ 400 US dollars~

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