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A digital marketing and web design agency in Osaka and Kobe ,japan.

Digital marketing

We are good at digital marketing and we offer some disital marketing service.

digital marketing for restaurants, cafes or other food-service industry.

$ 200 US dollars

Are you managing a restaurant or a cafe in Japan?
Are you offering food and drink to Japanese in Japan?
Or you may plan to do these?
If it, for the Japanese to visit your restaurant or cafe, you need to try some of digital marketing.

As you know, there are already a lot of restaurants and cafes in Japan. nevertheless, new restaurants and cafes are opening as yet.

Every year, people opens a lot of new restaurants and cafes, on the other hands, a lot of restaurants and cafes were closing.

So Japanese people come to your place and you keep continue to manage your restaurant or cafe, you have to do some marketing. Digital marketing will help you to keep continue your business.

We work for you to attract Japanese people on web for your restaurant and cafe  or other food-service industry.

  • we create some attractive copy  message and explanation of your  restaurant or cafe.
  • We register the information of your restaurant or cafe to two famous web sites.
    A lot of Japanese people usually checks these two web sites to get information of restaurants and cafes, because many comments from customers to the restaurants and cafes are  there.
  • We edit the information of your restaurant or cafe to two map engine.

If you'd like to know more about our service, please free to contact us :)

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