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A digital marketing and web design agency in Osaka and Kobe ,japan.

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When you conduct a business in Japan, whom do you ask for digital marketing?

Advertising agency? a web creator? a local company in Japan or a company in your country.

I do digital marketing jobs in Japan.
My career is a Web engineer, but I'm good at real marketing.

I have observed that people working for digital marketing companies don't really understand the feelings of the consumers.

I am a normal consumer. I take care of my children, i eat out sometimes, i get on a train, i go shopping with my friends, and i worry about my children's education.

Being a consumer, having the skill in marketing and having the knowledge in engineering technology, gives me the ability to be of help regarding your company's marketing in Japan.

I specialize in dealing with products and services for women, in the field of education, and child care. If your company deals with these areas, feel free to contact us.

When it comes to small restaurants and cafes in Japan, there is a need for specialized strategy in marketing. In that case, please contact me as well.

I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

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